Combatting Rising Healthcare Costs

The cost of healthcare has risen so dramatically that consumers increasingly find themselves financially exposed.  These cost increases are the result of a host of factors, including high hospital prices and unjustified increases in prescription drug prices. Consumers are often exposed to these costs in the form of bills sent by providers who are out-of-network, even in an in-network hospital.

Rx Drug Prices

  • Spending on prescription drugs now makes up nearly 20 percent of all healthcare expenditures – and, is growing faster than any other part of the healthcare spending dollar.
  • Nine-out-of-ten Americans say they’re worried about rising prescription drug prices, with one-in-four being unable to afford their medicines.

Surprise Medical Billing

  • Many hospitals staff in-network emergency rooms with out-of-network doctors, resulting in “surprise bills.”
  • During an emergency, consumers don’t have the time to consider whether the doctor treating them is in-network or not.
  • At least one-in-six Americans with health insurance will receive a surprise medical bill from a provider or specialist.