Consumer Centricity

Putting Healthcare in Consumers’ Hands

With costs having gone up over the years, the focus on consumer centricity has slowly reshaped the contours of our healthcare delivery and reimbursement landscape.  Competition is an integral part of that model, encouraging stakeholders to make greater investments in improving how consumers interact with the healthcare system.  It’s also led to those stakeholders bringing valuable innovations to market, as they seek to distinguish themselves from each other.

  • The shift away from traditional fee-for-service towards value-based care design places the emphasis on clinical outcomes.
  • The rise of digital has helped alleviate traditional barriers to care (e.g., time, geography, convenience) and ushered in the widespread utilization of telehealth.
  • The acknowledgment of the critical role that social determinants of health play in someone’s overall wellness has led to the increased focus on whole-person health.