Texas Medicaid


The Health Action Network (HAN) was launched in the run-up to the legislative debate that resulted in the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act more than a decade ago. It’s a transparent, Anthem-led initiative, bringing together stakeholder voices to advocate on behalf of market-centered solutions to healthcare reform. HAN also has Facebook and Twitter profilesas well as a weekly newsletter.

HAN is comprised of self-selected individuals — including brokers, small business owners, seniors, Anthem associates, and others — from all over the country. HAN has worked on mobilization (primarily through emails, newsletters and digital media campaigns) around specific pieces of legislation that have been identified as priorities, such as Medicare Advantage, the (now-eliminated) health insurance tax, surprise medical billing, and the rising cost of prescription drugs.

Anthem, Amerigroup Texas, and HAN have partnered to advocate for significant Texas Medicaid improvements in 2021. The three organizations will continue this partnership for the foreseeable future. We intend to grow our Texas profile to support those voices in Texas Medicaid that do not align with trade associations. To this end, we will soon announce a Texas-based advisory board to help us navigate these waters in the future.