Last Week in Healthcare Reform: 5 September 2022 (Labor Day)

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve devoted a lot of energy in this space trying to correct the record on the value of pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). 

Opponents, like Big Pharma, have spent years and millions of dollars scapegoating PBMs for rising prescription drug prices.  But, all they’re really doing is trying to distract attention away from the role that they themselves play, as manufacturers of these products, in how much drugs ultimately cost.

While there’s no reason to expect their inflamed rhetoric to change, stakeholders from across the healthcare spectrum have begun to push back, such as economists, small businesses, and other expert voices.  The message they’re offering is clear – PBMs occupy a critical space in the drug supply chain and without their efforts, drug prices and healthcare costs would be a lot higher.

And, consumers, like you, have also made their voices heard, including the thousands of Health Action Network members who’ve already reached out to lawmakers to urge them to oppose harmful legislation targeting PBMs and the work they do to enhance patient safety, outcomes, and affordability.  If you haven’t already, be sure to take action today!

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