Thank Congress for Eliminating the HIT

Thanks in part to your efforts as a part of the Health Action Network, Congress passed legislation just before the end of last year that included the permanent repeal of a trio of health care taxes created by the Affordable Care Act – most notably, repeal of the Health Insurance Tax (HIT) beginning in 2021. 

The HIT has burdened Americans with increased health care costs since first being assessed in 2014. Your commitment over the years was instrumental in helping to persuade Congress to repeal the HIT and protect millions of consumers from higher health care costs.  Each time we’ve reached out to you, our Health Action Network members, for support and engagement, you’ve responded – thank you for your continued, amazing efforts!

Before we put the HIT behind us, we'd like to thank all the lawmakers who supported repeal of the HIT.  We encourage you to reach out to your members of Congress to thank them for their successful efforts in eliminating the HIT.

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