ACT NOW: Protect Consumers from the Return of the HIT

The return of the health insurance tax (HIT) threatens to raise health care costs for hard-working American families, small businesses, and seniors, unless federal lawmakers take action before the clock runs out on the current legislative session to protect their constituents -- which is why we need Health Action Network members to reach out to federal elected officials to urge them to extend the moratorium on the HIT before it’s too late.

The HIT will drive up health care costs for millions of Americans. In fact, analysts project that the return of the HIT will add an additional $16 billion to the cost of health care coverage for some of the most vulnerable populations.

So, if you haven’t already, take a minute to tell your federal elected officials to support legislative efforts before the end of the year to extend the HIT moratorium until the end of 2020, at a minimum.

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