Thank Your Lawmakers for Supporting Medicare Advantage!

CMS recently finalized its annual changes to the Medicare Advantage program. Those changes will not only result in health plans having access to additional funding in order to continue to innovate on behalf of their members, but they also expanded the definition of benefits to include services that address physical impairments and/or diminish the impact of injuries or health conditions. Provisions were also finalized that will increase flexibility in parts of the program that will enable plans to reduce cost-sharing for certain benefits.

Prior to those changes being finalized, more than 360 Members of Congress signed their names onto bipartisan letters of support that went to CMS, urging the agency to protect Medicare Advantage and its millions of beneficiaries.

Hundreds of Health Action Network members, like you, also sent letters to Congress, asking your lawmakers to reach out to CMS on behalf of this important program. Let's thank our elected officials for their efforts and their ongoing support of Medicare Advantage!

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