ACT NOW: Help Protect Medicare Advantage!

In many ways, Medicare Advantage represents the best of what the public and private sectors have to offer, applying best practices from both to serve the health care needs of seniors and persons with disabilities.  A part of the larger Medicare program, Medicare Advantage has shown itself to be better at connecting a vulnerable patient population with a comprehensive level of coordinated care that’s able to meet their complex health care needs.  In fact, nearly 20 million Americans have chosen to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans - that's nearly one-third of all Medicare enrollees.  That's why it's so important that the program be protected from the provisions being considered now by CMS that would only serve to undercut its ability to ensure that future beneficiaries have access to the kind of integrated and focused care that's been proven to be more effective than traditional fee-for-service Medicare.

Given the important role that Medicare Advantage plays in the lives of so many, it’s encouraging that CMS would consider ways to improve the program.  So, every year around this time the agency proposes changes to how the popular Medicare Advantage program is both administered and funded.   

Early last month, CMS released those proposed changes.  While some of those provisions support the program and its ability to connect the nearly 20 million Americans who depend on Medicare Advantage’s comprehensive blanket of care, other proposals threaten to unravel that blanket. 

Unfortunately, annual changes to Medicare Advantage have only served to undermine the program.  Medicare Advantage plans have worked to integrate those changes into their administrative processes, seeking to insulate beneficiaries from harmful cuts.  But, if some of the provisions from this year’s proposed changes are enacted, the accumulation of these year-to-year cuts will only serve to threaten the program's ability to connect the millions of vulnerable seniors and persons with disabilities enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans to the proven and effective level of coordinated care that distinguishes the program from traditional fee-for-service Medicare. 

With so much on the line, supporters have rallied to the cause, reaching out to policymakers on behalf of their family members, co-workers, and neighbors, so many of whom would be exposed to the threat posed by some of the changes currently being considered by CMS.  They need you to add your voice to the ongoing effortss by urging your lawmakers to tell CMS to protect Medicare Advantage today and for the future!

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